IRL dot com bridges the gap between audience interaction through an online chat forum and generative screen-based visuals, both online and in a physical gallery space.

The heart of the project is custom code written with Processing, a Java-based library. Our code gives any Processing sketch with generative visuals the ability to receive online chat messages, which allows the art piece to be manipulated by audiences at any place, in real time. Aptly named Twitch Information to Creative Code (TICC) API, it has already been created and tested in our proof-of-concept showcase, and we’re now looking to elevate the project.

IRL dot com is a collection of 5 live “paintings”, hosted both in a traditional, physical gallery space, as well as online in a virtual gallery. Paintings can be manipulated through online inputs from viewers in the gallery on their phones, or from viewers at home through their online browser. Each painting as seen online and in the gallery is the same - meaning, online interaction from viewers at home will be reflected in the gallery space, and viewers standing physically in the gallery can affect the image on viewer’s home computer.

These paintings will react slowly and intentionally with audiences. 
As screens and mobile devices often ask us to move quickly and thoughtlessly, IRL dot com reframes our relationship with this technology.

IRL dot com is led by new media artists Brittany Beheshti & Evangeline Y Brooks. 

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for this project.


Reach out to irldotcom.project@gmail.com with any questions.